openEngiadina wiki


The openEngiadina wiki is a collaborative collection of notes and links on things related to the openEngiadina project.


Articles are org-mode files (*.org) in the wiki repository.

To add new content, fork the repository, add some content, commit and push (possibly create a merge request if you do not have push access yet).

There is no hierarchy of notes. As an entry point use the index. See also Zettelkasten for inspiration on this type of wiki/Knowledge base.


For best experience use org-roam.

You might want to set your following in your .dir-locals.el:

((nil . ((org-roam-directory . "/path/to/this/repo/"))))


The entire wiki can be exported as HTML files:


This exports all articles as interlinked HTML to the public/ directory.


Things that need to be done to improve the wiki.

TODO Multilingual

Some work is required to make the wiki work with multilingual content.

Currently only forward links are exported. It would be nice to have backlinks as well (see articles that refer current article).

Indicate with an icon if link is external or remains in Wiki.