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openEngiadina is creating a platform for open local knowledge.

The project was started in 2019 in order to allow locals in the alpine valley of Engadin to make their cultural and natural heritage more accessible to visitors.

We quickly realized that local communities and organizations need to be able to create, manage and use their data for more than tourism. openEngiadina supports diverse communities and organizations in creating, sharing and using open local knowledge.

Local Knowledge

There are thousands of little pieces of information and data that describe the social, cultural and natural environment of an area, we call such data local knowledge.

Local knowledge may include:

Local knowledge is produced and used by various people and organizations (actors). Actors that may interact with openEngiadina include:



openEngiadina aims to develop technology that allows communities to manage their own data independently. openEngiadina supports individuals and communities in achieving digital sovereignty.

Communities should be able to self-host the necessary infrastructure with minimal technical expertise and external dependencies.


The platform developed by openEngiadina enables communities to efficiently cooperate with other communities and share data and knowledge.

Existing data repositories (such as OpenStreetMap) can be used and enriched with local knowledge.

As a project openEngiadina recognizes other like-minded initiatives for local communities to manage data and collaborates with these initiatives in creating shared formats and vocabularies, striving for a high degree of interoperability.

Free Software

openEngiadina empowers individuals and communities by making the source code and documentation freely available.

Furthermore openEngiadina strives to make the development process accessible for communities and individuals to contribute.


In openEngiadina there is no single central server where content is stored. Instead there are many servers that are interconnected. Anybody can run their own server with minimal requirements and clients connect to a server of their choice. This is called a federation.

Federation is achieved by using the ActivityPub protocol. A protocol for decentralized social networks.

In order to support a wide range of kinds of data, openEngiadina represents knowledge as a graph consisting of vertices which represent things and edges which represent relations between things. By using consistent naming for things and relations we can make the meaning of the data explicit. This allows us to combine data sets from different sources and not loose any semantic meaning. This is called Linked Data.

By embracing Linked Data ideas and using ActivityPub openEngiadina builds a network of knowledge that is created trough social interactions. We call this the Semantic Social Netowrk.

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