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Fediverse of Things

"Fediverse of Things" sounds like it could be disingenuous, but I'm sincere. Plenty of today's microprocessors are packing more power and storage than Tim Berner-Lee's 80486 at Cern that ran the first web server. Running ActivityPub on self-forming mesh and other ad hoc networks would be a great way to structure local information exchange.

How could ActivityPub be used on very small embedded devices?

Use cases

Machine-to-Machine information exchange

ActivityPub could be used to exchange information between "things".

Related projects include:

Light-weight ActivityPub

The idea to use ActivityPub on embedded devices is very much aligned by the movement to simplify the technological stack that we rely on for basic communication.

Related projects include:

See also

Named Data Networking

A protocol and research project for data-centric networking (via content-addressing).

There is previous work on how to use Named Data Networking on low-power networks.