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Independant Media Center

Don't hate the media become the media!!!

An open publishing network. Started in Seattle in 1999 during the protests against the WTO conference.

Currently being rebuilt.

There is/was a Swiss chapter.

A homage to Indymedia and a call for a better Internet: Another Network is Possible.


Among different Indymedia engines there was the generic RDF-based one: Samizdat. Belarusian (archive) and ukrainian chapters were running on it.

Samizdat literally means "self-publishing" in Russian. As soviet writer and dissident Vladimir Bukovsky said: "Samizdat means that I write it myself, edit it myself, censor it myself, publish it myself, distribute it myself and serve time in jail for it myself".

Imagine the revival of distributed web sites for open publishing which nowadays could even communicate with each other via ActivityPub and store everything as Linked Data. Sounds like Indyverse!