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Ontologies describe groupings of concepts that can be reused.

Some interesting principles on how to design ontologies: Towards Principles for the Design of Ontologies Used for Knowledge Sharing (1993)

Tools for creating ontologies

Protege seems to be the go-to tool for developing ontologies.

Existing RDF ontologies

A list of interesting ontologies/vocabularies.

Dublin Core

A popular vocabulary for metadata (e.g. dcterms:createdAt).

Describes the things that Google understands.

Lifecycle Schema

Abstract ontology for workflows such as tasks and issues.


Provenance - the origin of things.

Ontologies for emergency information*



Linked Language Resources

Ontology for referring to languages proper (not only language tag of literal).

OSCAF Ontologies

Developed as part of NEPOMUK.

The IBIS (bis) Vocabular

A vocabulary for Issue-based information system.