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Semantic Web criticism

A collection of criticism of the Semantic Web.


The entire project may be seen as a criticism of the Semantic Web or more so a criticism of the W3C.

Their visions and goals are pretty much in line with the goals of the Semantic Web, their organizational structure is very different from the W3C.

A collection of criticism of RDF from the IndieWeb wiki:

Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?

A nice overview of the history of the Semantic Web, developments and explanation on why everything got so complicated.

Ends with a beautiful line:

But it’s also easy to see why the dream of the Semantic Web seduced so many people.

Aaron Swartz’s A Programmable Web: An Unfinished Work

Unfinished book by Aaron Swartz that includes some criticism of the W3C:

Instead of the “let’s just build something that works” attitude that made the Web (and the Internet) such a roaring success, they brought the formalizing mindset of mathematicians and the institutional structures of academics and defense contractors. They formed committees to form working groups to write drafts of ontologies that carefully listed (in 100-page Word documents) all possible things in the universe and the various properties they could have, and they spent hours in Talmudic debates over whether a washing machine was a kitchen appliance or a household cleaning device.

An advocacy site to inform people about the drawbacks of RDF/XML.

A collection of quotes about RDF/XML such as:

I like to say that there are two categories of people who don't like RDF/XML: RDF people and XML people.

— Bob DuCharme – Author of “Learning SPARQL” (O'Reilly)