openEngiadina wiki

Use cases

Use cases that openEngiadina is being developed for or that have been considered and are possible.


Currently the Engadin tourism office offers an online form for submitting a new event. The form causes an e-mail to be sent to a content manager working for the tourism office. The data is manually checked and then uploaded to the database of a commercial service provider. Finally the event is retrieved from the commercial service provider and displayed as plain text with minimal markup on the online event calendar.

With openEngiadina the user or local organization creates the event trough a interface similar to one offered by popular social network platforms. The tourism office is notified about the creation immediately and can tag the created event for publishing, this is very similar to "liking" an event. The online event calendar is generated by querying for all events that have been "liked" by the tourism organization. The event can be published almost instantenously, openEngiadina can be used as a crowdsourced content management system. Further advantages include:

Hiking trail status

Currently, publishing changes in status of trails requires a high level of coordination between various public services, the commune and the tourism office. openEngiadina aims to simplify the work flow for handling status of trails by acknowledging the fact that publishing such data is mostly a social endeavor.